Why Use TETRA?

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Tetra LogoTETRA is an abbreviation for Terrestrial Trunked Radio and is a digital trunked mobile radio standard developed in Europe. Now in 117 Countries Worldwide (the majority of which are outside Europe),it was specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, transport services and the military, and is a superior communication system. The ability for full interoperability between different manufacturer’s products is a distinct advantage of the system, and means that CX Distribution can select the most appropriate range of products for specific user applications.


Only TETRA Radio Technology can offer the following benefits in a communication system:

  • Small Size of Radio
  • Open Source Technology
  • Superior Functionality
  • Ongoing Development
  • Spectrum Efficiency


The benefits above are possible due to the many features of the TETRA system including:

  • One to One
  • One to many
  • Private calling
  • Full Duplex Telephony
  • Push button priority emergency calls
  • Fast Call Setup Times
  • Short Data Messaging
  • Telemetry applications
  • GPS tracking of vehicles and people
  • Vehicle maintenance tracking
  • Interoperability with legacy systems
  • IP based proving connectivity anywhere
  • Scalable Solutions

TETRA is used instead of public cellular networks in public safety and municipalities around the world because traditional GSM Networks are shutdown or overloaded in times of crisis. For example during the UK Underground Bombings, the Spain Rail Bombing and recent Perth Storms, organisations using TETRA systems were able to communicate when everybody else was disconnected.